Tye Kjellberg

Parents come in many varieties.
None of us would be here if it weren’t for some form of parental figures in our lives. Be it birth parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, extended family, and even friends. We are raised collectively by those we surround ourselves with, either by choice or by birth. Andrew and Jeremy are two people that I chose to surround myself with because of the affect they both have, individually and together, on my life.

Jeremy – I have never known a more positive and magnetic person. He seems to “collect” people all on his own just by being himself. He loves deeply, plays expressively, and is constantly moving forward. He is a force of forward motion, and anyone who has the pleasure of experiencing his presence understands this instantly. Jeremy as a parent would absolutely be the “fun dad.” He would know his child and understand just what to say to dry tears, crack a smile, and turn a moment into a learning experience all at the same time. Then they would probably start singing somehow.

Andrew – The word that best embodies Andrew is Care, in every sense. He is he best I’ve ever known at anticipating a need, and filling it before that need is ever expressed. He is the first to show appreciation, whether that is a hug, a thank you note, a gift, or a meal. This care translates to every aspect of his life. He loves fiercely, cares incredibly, and trusts wholly. As a father, Andrew would understand every need of his child. He would do everything he can to anticipate that need, and exceed it even before it is expressed. He would be altogether TOO prepared for everything! I know this, because that’s how he is in all his current relationships today. He cares.

As a whole, Andrew and Jeremy make an incredible team, partnership, and will be fantastic parents. Their love and passion within the relationships that I see everyday will seamlessly transition to their child/children, and those children will be so incredibly lucky to have Andrew and Jeremy guiding them through life. If there’s anything this world needs, it’s more Andrews and Jeremys.