Kristen Kjellberg

Dear Birth Mother,

I know the decision you are about to make is a big one and one you will not take lightly. I have known Andrew and Jeremy for over 10 years now and I have been extremely blessed to have each of them in my life for the wonderful and unique qualities they bring to brighten those around them. I know, without a doubt, that any child would be so incredibly lucky to have Jeremy and Andrew as their parents.

Jeremy has been my best friend since we went to school together at Concordia where he studied to become a music teacher. I met Andrew when he started dating Jeremy our senior year.

Jeremy and Andrew are different in many ways. Their skill sets and demeanors compliment each other perfectly and their strengths are very different. Andrew started and runs a successful marketing company and Jeremy is a beloved choir director and music teacher. But there are three things that Jeremy and Andrew have in common that would make them wonderful fathers. Their passion, selflessness, and love for their families.

Jeremy and Andrew have both done incredible things because of their passion for the people they care about, and the things they do. I am fortunate to work for Andrew at his marketing company and he is an extremely driven business owner and leader. He gives every project he works on an incredible amount of attention to detail and commitment. Jeremy is the same way in everything he does. He directs a school musical every year that blows away everyone that gets to experience it. The best part of going to his musicals is watching the kids interact with Jeremy and seeing their admiration and respect they have for him. He is wonderful with kids and he brings out their passions and encourages them to dream as well.

Andrew and Jeremy have both done impressive things by any standard but they are the first ones to build up those around them instead of taking credit. When I have praised Andrew for something he has done at work he is quick to direct that praise towards someone else or say that it is because he has aligned himself with talented people that the project was a success. Jeremy is the same way after his musicals. When I tell him how incredible everything turned out, he immediately uses that as a platform to talk about how well the kids did or how much work they put in rather than focus on his own accomplishments. Their selflessness and their ability to build up those around them is one of the things I admire about them both.

Lastly, and most importantly, is their love for their families. Andrew and Jeremy are both big brothers, which has always come first above any of the other roles they have filled. I have been fortunate enough to be at family functions and visited them at each of the small towns they grew up in. Jeremy and Andrew are their most at home when they are around their family. I know when they have their own they will make a home full of love and caring like they both had growing up.