Karin Winders

I am Jeremy’s mom. It was an absolute pleasure raising Jeremy with his dad, my husband, Max. He has turned out to be a remarkable, talented young man. When Jeremy and Andrew met, it seemed everything made sense, and their beautiful journey together started. Jeremy and Andrew are very different in so many ways, each bringing unique qualities to the relationship, and it works. Together they are like a magnet, drawing in their many friends and family members. Everyone wants to be around them. Their passion for life and adventure ensures that it will never be boring!

Andrew is a true front man and entertainer, full of life and fun. He is an entrepreneur, running his own marketing firm, and has a way of remaining calm in stressful situations. One thing I love about Andrew is that he remains grounded, and always knows what’s most important. Family is everything. He is a great communicator which is important in any marriage. He is a 4th son to Max and me, and we couldn’t be more proud. It’s been a joy watching him with his four younger sisters, looking out for them, protecting them, offering advice and love.

Jeremy is kind, and rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone. He is a true role model to his two younger brothers, and they look up to him immensely. He has a zest for life and has many hobbies and interests, making him so well rounded. Jeremy radiates joy when he sings and plays the piano. I’ve told him since he was little that listening to him sing is my favorite thing, still is. He could belt out a string of songs in perfect tune when he was 2 and has offered endless entertainment to many. His passion is teaching music to 5th-12th grade students, and they are lucky.

I’m excited to be a Grandma. I believe Jeremy and Andrew have so much love to give, and are ready to start a family and share that love. It will be a beautiful thing. ❤️