MiaLara (Young) Whitney

I have the pleasure of claiming Andrew and Jeremy as my older brothers. I am 1 of 4 (younger) sisters of Andrew.

Growing up as the middle child with Andrew being the oldest – and the only brother, there are endless memories that consist of the highs, the lows, family adventures, directing us sisters in his home movies, traveling across the world together, and the usual sibling rivalry. From being the babysitter of 4 younger sisters by default, Andrew quickly took on the role of the protective big brother. His character shows encouragement and support for each and every one of our passions, interests, and individuality.

Four years ago when I was living in Fargo, just a flight of stairs below Andrew and Jeremy, I decided to make the move to a much bigger city to pursue a Master’s Degree. Coming from a small town of 800 people and being family-dependent, I was scared to move to a big city all alone with no one to lean on. Without hesitation, Andrew took the initiative of helping me hunt for a place to live, making the long drive with me, shopping for my new apartment, and helping me get to know the area I would be living in. It was that small act that shows the protection he wanted for me, the support he offered, and the encouragement that I would do great. Andrew continued to show these types of acts from hundreds of miles away. Without a doubt, he would drop everything to be present for you, even when it isn’t expected.

When I first met Jeremy, I instantly adored the person he is. He has a kindness about him that is rare to find. To me, his outlook on life is positively contagious and will always keep you young, active, and spontaneous. His caring nature and big heart keep his relationships strong. You can always count on Jeremy to give it his all with anything put in front of him. He possesses an amazing singing voice and a talent for the piano. This talent alone shows a glimpse into the gentleness and kindness of his personality.

My husband and I recently got married and had asked Jeremy to play and sing at the ceremony as well as performing the father-daughter and first dance. Jeremy is gifted with being able to play anything on piano without sheet music, on the spot. Many believe that with this talent, it comes easy to him and he can simply wing it – but they don’t see the countless hours, days, months, and years it took to get there, in addition to the never-ending practice. The effort he puts in is greater than anyone will know. This quality shows the passion of Jeremy’s character.

The missing piece to Andrew and Jeremy’s love is children to share it with. A child that would grow up having these two men as dads, would be one of the luckiest kids on Earth.