Andrea and Erik Diederich

Dear Birth Mother,

Andrew and Jeremy have been best friends of ours over the years who now seem more like family. Our favorite characteristic about them is their selflessness. Whenever we are around them, they are fully invested and curious of what’s going on in our lives, we have even noticed they are like that with strangers. They genuinely care about people and their wellbeing.

One way to really get to get know someone is to travel with them! We have traveled with Andrew and Jeremy multiple times and are always blown away by how easy they are to get along with. They remind you of what’s important in life – to love and have fun.

We had a great time integrating them into our wedding day. Jeremy sang at our wedding and Andrew was basically facilitating the wedding, he was more so our ‘personal attendant’. Not only did we want amazing music (Jeremy) and have everything go smoothly (Andrew) we wanted them to somehow be integrated in our wedding because we admire their strong marriage. The foundation they’ve built on their marriage and friendship is commendable and we have always looked up to them for that.

Your child will have the best parents to guide them through life, supporting them through the worst times and the best times. We will promise to be the best ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ that they deserve. We look forward to watching them in their school plays, going to their concerts, their graduations and generally just supporting them in all aspects of their life. I promise they will be loved by us unconditionally.

Andrea and Erik Diederich