Lisa Anderson

Dear Birth Mom,

My name is Lisa, and Andrew has been one of my best friends in the world since we were in elementary school. Andrew’s friendship is one that I treasure. As kids, we spent hours making videos, swimming at the pool, riding our bikes, being in plays, and just being each other’s besties.

Andrew and I have been there for each other during hard times, and good times. When Andrew told me he was marrying Jeremy, I was thrilled for them both. One of my favorite moments from their wedding was watching Andrew, watch Jeremy and his mom dancing together. The look on Andrew’s face was one of pure, unadultered love.

Birth mom, if you choose Jeremy and Andrew to parent your baby, you will be choosing two dads who love each other, have a zest for life and new experiences, are encouraging, loving, supportive, kind, energetic, and will raise some awesome little humans. My life is better because I have these amazing men in it.

Andrew and Jeremy have so much love to give. Please consider giving them a chance to share it.