Jack Winders

As Jeremy’s youngest brother, I have had the immense pleasure of knowing him my entire life. From fond childhood memories of being teased by my big brothers (with Jeremy leading the charge 😉), to growing into the wonderful, deep friendship we share now, I am blessed to have a lifetime of memories and experiences with my big brother, Jerm.

I have also been blessed to share countless memories and experiences with Andrew over the past ten years of knowing him. Over those years, Andrew has been many things to me, from the wildly-fun, magic-trick-toting big brother’s boyfriend that I immediately hoped would be at every family event, to my co-worker and employer who I have had the pleasure of working with every day for the past five years. Through all the different life stages, Andrew has always been a loyal and true friend.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful and meaningful relationship with each of them as individuals and am even more fortunate to know them as the beautiful, loving, generous, caring, and good-hearted couple that they are. Their love for each other is something special to witness, as is their love for family. As a couple, all of their wonderful traits as individuals are amplified and complemented and for all of the ways in which they are different, their shared value of caring deeply for others is a constant and defining characteristic of their marriage.

Any child would be blessed to have these two caring, thoughtful, genuine, and fun men as parents. I cannot wait to watch these two grow their loving family and home.