Ashley & Logan Pirkl

Dear Birth Parents,
Jeremy is my oldest and most loyal friend. We met in the 5th grade when his family moved to my hometown. From day one, his family accepted me as Jeremy’s friend, welcoming me into their home, inviting me to their cabin and so many events that I have lost track. Jeremy was raised by an incredibly loving family that always seems to have an extra seat at their table, no matter how large their community grows. Then came the day that Jeremy and Andrew met. That is when our lives were all positively changed as his strong, compassionate, and big brother type of personality left a lasting impression on both my husband and I. Andrew and Jeremy’s compatibility is undeniable – and to be able to watch their relationship grow, and stand by their side as they say, “I do”, was such a great honor.

Words to describe Jeremy and Andrew: driven, influential, relatable, entertaining, passionate, hilarious, flexible, adventurous, intelligent.

These are a few words that ultimately lead me to the word loving. They are loving in their marriage and their friendships and they have so much more love to give. When they talk about becoming dads it truly brings tears to my eyes because you can feel their passion to go on this next life-altering journey together. I have a one-year-old son, and the way they cherish him and check-in on him warms my heart. They nurture their friendships and are very present in life’s events. Whomever their future child is, who will enter their (and our) lives, will without a doubt have a wonderful life and grow up with the best parents (and be spoiled silly by friends and family). The minute you meet Jeremy and Andrew, you will know you have found the best of the best.