Tommy Winders

I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with Jeremy and Andrew ever since they started dating, and with that come so many fun memories together. Getting to be a big part of each other’s lives gives unique insight into their character as individuals, their compatibility with one another and love for each other. I have many stories and experiences that come to mind when I think back through the years of time spent with Jeremy and Andrew, but I think a great example of the type of people they are and what they mean to me is best explained broadly, and across years. I wasn’t living in Fargo when Jeremy and Andrew met, but would make several trips a year to visit them for a weekend. This was our routine for many years and for me, these were always the most fun weekends throughout the year. Through these trips to Fargo I got to meet many of their friends and other people close to them and something became more and more clear as time went on: their demeanor on life is something to take note of, and it is embodied in the company they keep. Their sphere of friends/family in Fargo (and across the world) is overloaded with amazing, kind, interesting, and fun people, and at the center of it all stand Jeremy and Andrew. While Jeremy and Andrew certainly are opposites on many things, they are complete equals in their ability to be present, attack life with passion, share huge amounts of love, and bring out the best qualities in others who are around them. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with people like that?! These qualities are contagious and were a driving force in my decision to move to Fargo. I owe Jeremy and Andrew a great deal of credit for teaching me many things about attitude, passion and the importance of being true to yourself. These qualities are unrealized by many people, but you won’t find it in their group of family and friends and I think this speaks volumes to the type of people Jeremy and Andrew are. Above all else, Jeremy and Andrew have a set of core values that everyone should strive to have: Love for family, passion and integrity for everything they do, attitude is everything, respect and appreciation for one another, and being present/living in the moment. These values speak to their character as husbands, sons, brothers, friends, and most importantly going forward, as parents. I can’t think of a better team for a child to learn from, grow up with, and be loved by than Jeremy and Andrew Young. They are of the highest order people for so many in their lives, and would be blessed by the opportunity to adopt.