Charlotte Young

Dear Birth Mother,
I am Andrew’s Mom.
It was pure joy to be Andrew’s mom and watch him grow and mature into the man he is today.
Andrew has always been the planner and organizer of our family, whether it be “the chore chart”, parties, weekend plans, or family trips.
He was an entrepreneur from a very young age starting his own magic business as a traveling magician. He continues to manage his own social marketing company. He and his team are so creative and successful at what they do. Their projects are amazing!
Andrew is the big brother to 4 younger sisters and takes his role very seriously. He is the babysitter, protector, mentor, advice giver, prank player, listener, boyfriend interrogator, and selfless helper. The girls don’t even need to ask and he will be there. I love that about him. He genuinely loves his sisters.
When meeting Jeremy for the first time, we knew the perfect fit with Andrew and our family was there. Jeremy is so easy to love with his laid-back friendly personality and so comfortable to be with.
Jeremy is so creative and gifted. He is a man of many talents, whether it be creating costumes, singing, playing piano, or sports. Family vacations with these two guys are the best. It is also fun to see him with our girls as he grew up in a family of boys. Our daughters love Jeremy! He is very involved in their lives and interests. He enjoys playing games with them especially golfing, pickle ball and volleyball. You can even find him fixing their hair 🙂
He is the best son-in-law I could ever ask for. Being with them, a person can see that family is everything to Andrew and Jeremy.
This past February, my parents were stranded in ND for a week and it was Andrew and Jeremy who took care of them and made sure they had everything they needed. My parents were so impressed with all the attention they received.
I am so excited to become a grandma! I know these men have what is needed to be the best fathers with all their skills and family values.
Please consider Andrew and Jeremy.