Therese and David White

With our move from SC to ND, we were welcomed to Fargo, ND by a community filled with kindness and support.

Our greatest gift in moving to Fargo, ND was meeting a group of life-long dearest friends we call our “Fargo family”. Jeremy and Andrew are an integral part of our “Fargo family”.

Through the years of spending time with them, we have witnessed qualities and actions that would make them the most wonderful parents.

First of all, they exhibit a very strong marital foundation filled with an unwavering love for one another. Jeremy and Andrew have great communication and show a mutual respect for one another. We have seen them get through high and low points in life and they have been a “rock” of support for each other. It’s very evident that they enjoy each other’s company and are best friends along with being marriage partners.

In addition, Jeremy and Andrew have such a joy and adventure for life. They bring energy and joy to everyday activities and get togethers. You will see them more often than not, with contagious smiles and laughter. The room “lights up” when they enter. They truly live and love life to its fullest!

Equally important, Jeremy and Andrew have a wonderful support system from family and friends. It takes a village when raising a family and Jeremy and Andrew will have strong support. They are a very “family oriented” couple and have close relationships with their parents, siblings and extended family members. They have a way of connecting with people and developing strong relationships.

Other important qualities Jeremy and Andrew exhibit are their caring and nurturing qualities. We’ve seen Jeremy and Andrew hold our own grand baby and friends’ babies and we call them “baby whisperers”.
The babies were so content in their arms and Jeremy and Andrew are so at ease and patient. Also, Andrew’s Grandma is in her 90’s and lives in Fargo. They frequently visit her, check on her and bring her groceries. Another way they show how caring they are is involvement in the community. Jeremy’s students at his school love to participate in his class because he’s such a nice and fun teacher. Jeremy and Andrew love to bring “care packages” to family, friends or those in need. They volunteer their time and resources in Fargo community. They truly are the most compassionate, sweet, unselfish couple.

Jeremy and Andrew Young would be such wonderful parents. Their sweet little boy or girl would be raised in a home with loving parents, a home filled with love, kindness, respect, laughter and of course…music.❤️🤗


Therese and David White